Warm Winter = Pre-Emergent Need for Atlanta Lawns

The really warm winter we are experiencing is causing a real need for the application of a pre-emergent on your lawn. A pre-emergent is a chemical that once applied to the lawn forms a barrier at the top of the soil that prevents the germination of weed seeds; thus preventing those obnoxious weeds in Atlanta lawns and shrub beds. The warm weather is promoting an earlier than normal germination of these seeds. This necessitates an immediate need for the application of the pre-emergent. Apply now Atlanta!

Winter weeds, such as Poa annua, will not be prevented or eliminated by this round of pre-emergent, as they have already germinated. These winter weeds should be sprayed with a post-emergent selectively to remove them, especially in warm season lawns like Bermuda & Zoysia. To prevent Poa annua in the future, apply a pre-emergent in the fall to prevent this and other winter weeds.

If you have a new Fescue lawn, be careful. I would not recommend using a pre-emergent until next year. The new tender Fescue plants can be harmed by a pre-emergent.

The prevention of crabgrass starts now. A pre-emergent is your best chance at prevention of this resilient summer weed.

A pre-emergent is fairly easy to apply. You can apply it yourself with a little effort, proper knowledge and equipment; or you can call an expert in this field. If you would like to have a quality lawn management company apply this for you, we recommend: Top Turf. You can contact them at www.topturf.net or you may email Bob Jones at bjones@topturf.net. We know this company will provide you quality service at competitve prices.

If you would like  to discuss your landscape needs in more detail, call us for a FREE CONSULTATION at:——————————— 770-569-5900.

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One Response to Warm Winter = Pre-Emergent Need for Atlanta Lawns

  1. Ben Elliott says:

    you are exactly right Jim. Another bit of advice with pansies is because of the warm, wet weather Jim has mentioned, many pansies are developing fungus’. Pansies thrive in dryer, colder conditions so it is important to put a fungicide on them and some fertilizer to get them through this weather. Also if you are fighting off rabbits and deer, instead of spending all that money on nets and deer off, a great cheap method is going to Home Depot and applying Blood Meal to your flowers and plants every 3 to 4 weeks and they won’t be touched.