Plan now for Spring Landscape Installations in Atlanta.

Fall is the perfect time to get your planning done for the late winter and early spring landscape installations in the Atlanta area and across the Southeast.  The appropriate amount of time is available to do a thorough, comprehensive Master Plan for the project.  A well thought out plan is the first step to a successful landscape project.  Allowing the proper amount of time for designing, meetings, and budget analysis is important in creating the perfect plan for a specific site and client.  Each site and client is unique and we treat our customers with services tailored just for their needs and requests.

Hardscapes and landscapes can be installed in later winter and early spring avoiding the coldest part of the year.  This also allows you to enjoy/benefit from your new landscape all of the warmer months.  It is also beneficial for the new plant materials in allowing them time to acclimate to their new conditions prior to the hot summer.  This is also a great time of the year to evaluate existing plants and the transplanting of them as deemed appropriate.

Pollock & Associates, Inc. is ready to meet and work with you on whatever type project you have.   We prepare detailed, accurate, in budget, low maintenance, and long lasting quality designs for large and small, commercial and residential projects.  Give us a call at 770-569-5900 to set up a meeting and see how we can assist you in creating the new landscape you desire.

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