Caution Atlanta: Do Not Plant Perennials Yet!

Even though we have had a very mild winter, do not get impatient, wait just a little longer Atlanta to plant your perennials and smaller plants. We have historically had severe cold snaps in late February and March. Remember “the blizzard”? That was in March! So—when should you plant your perennials and smaller plants? I recommend late March into early April to help insure survival. You won’t miss any flowers and you don’t have to worry about the new plant’s rootball freezing and then the plant dying. Blackeyed Susans, Iris, Daylilies, Shasta Daisy, Coneflower, Fern, are but a few of the plants we are talking about. After these plants have been planted through an entire summer, they can withstand a cold winter here in North Georgia. However, if newly planted, they can suffer extreme damage to the roothairs in the rootball if they experience severe cold temperatures just after planting. This frequently results in the plant(s) dying.

Please be patient and consider waiting another month to plant. You will have much better success. If you need a quality landscape contractor to plant these for you, call Ben Elliot at Oak Hill Landscape at 770-598-6965, or go to their website at

If you need a FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION call us at Pollock & Associates, Inc. at 770-569-5900.


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