Budgets are Important when Designing Atlanta Landscapes

$$ Dollars $$———This is a subject that a lot of Atlanta Landscape  Architects are hesitant to discuss. I think it is critical to discuss this topic in detail when gathering my design criteria during the initial visit with a potential/existing client. Understanding the financial aspects of the project are just as important as how creative the design will be.

The design work must represent a solution that can be implemented within the client’s budget. If this is not accomplished, (in my opinion), the Architect did not perform very professionally. Here’s my example:

A client has $50K to $60K to spend on improvements and that is understood by all parties. The architect and client(s) go back and forth developing a plan that all are very happy about. Now it’s time to bid the work to contractors. (3) bids are received. All of the bids come in form $80k to $100K! NOW WHAT? What is the client going to do with this plan that he can’t build because it is so expensive. He can’t afford it. The plan came in at 50% to 100% over budget! Now everybody involed is going to be unhappy. The client doesn’t want to pay for the plans. The Architect wants to be paid for his time and says, “you approved the plans as we were going along”. WRONG! How can the Architect expect the client to know how much things are going to cost while it is being designed? The Architect is supposed to direct the project and the client to insure the budget is taken into consideration.   Solution:   The Architect must design within the budget and must understand construction costs!

Pollock & Associates, Inc. prides itself in designing within budgets. We understand this business piece of our industry and work diligently to keep on target. Our clients are involved throughout the development of the plans and are aware of the associated construction costs. If you are in need of plans for improvements and do not know how much your ideas will cost, we can assist you with this also. Call today for a FREE CONSULTATION and we will meet and discuss your Landscape Architecture needs. 770-569-5900.

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