Boulders in Atlanta Landscapes

Rocks are great!!! Boulders can add a lot to Atlanta landscapes if properly used. Boulders with moss and lichens on them, and with interesting shapes, should be the rocks selected for naturalizing a landscape. They can also be used as a focal point or accent pieces. Boulders from the North Georgia/Tennessee/North Carolina mountains are most frequently used around Atlanta and available at many landscape supply companies. Adding a few rocks can bring a nice element to a landscape that might need a little spice.

There are a few things to know, however, prior to adding boulders to a landscape. Most rocks are harvested from the surface and when installed should go back into the ground the way they were naturally. This is easier said than done. The Landscape Architect or contractor must “read” the specific boulder to be placed and install it as close to how it was found naturally as possible. This will create the proper look. Too frequently they are turned sideways, upside down, or just plopped down by an untrained installer. This is what I call “looks like it fell out of an airplane and where it hit you left it”. Obviously, this is not the way to obtain the desired appearance. I have learned over the last 30 years, that it takes some natural talent to able to place boulders correctly. And—-not everyone has this ability!

Different sizes of boulders should also be used when creating a rock outcropping. Small, medium, and large rocks should be used in this situation to create a more natural appearance.

Another nice touch is to place the boulders in such a manner to allow the lawn to come right up to the base of the stone. Backfill the back side of the stone with soil and then place the plant materials behind the rock. This will insure visibility of the rocks. Too often, plants are installed in front of the rocks and soon grow to hide the view of them.

If you would like a naturalized landscape, Pollock & Associates, Inc. specializes in natural landscape design. We have installed “tons” of boulders in landscapes and waterfalls throughout the Atlanta and North Georgia area. Call today for a FREE consultation——770-569-5900.


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3 Responses to Boulders in Atlanta Landscapes

  1. Ernie Fahrnbauer says:

    I have been fortunate over the past several years to be a part of Jim’s installation team, and one thing I can say that really sets his landscape designs apart from others is his naturalistic use of boulders. Beautiful boulders strategically placed, especially ones with a lot of character and covered in lichen, can be the absolute wow factor in a landscape. With over 30 years experience in landscape installation, I can easily say that there is no one that comes close to Jim’s eye for boulders and placement in a design to make it stand in a class of its own!

  2. Ben Elliott says:

    I agree totally Ernie. Boulders can transform a landscape into a one of a kind. Boulders that Jim many of times hand picks himself really make people stop and think they are in the mountains or they have been there since the beginning of time. Many landscape designers and installers forget that boulders are suppose to look that they have been there and the landscape was designed around the boulders…not just stuck on top of the ground like an after thought.

  3. David Miller says:

    Incorporating boulders into the design is one Jim’s strengths and one of our favorite features in our project. By positioning the rock and then contouring the slope around the stone, Jim creates a weathered, natural look that mimics what you might see along a mountain side or beside a stream.